Wildcat Fundraiser

Welches Wildcats Fundraiser Coffe -12 ounce sack.

Welches School has an enrollment of approximately 340 students in grades K-8, and serves the communities of Welches, Brightwood, Rhododendron, Zigzag and Government Camp. Mission: To encourage and implement a partnership between the school and the community that is focused on fostering the love of learning, maximizing scholastic opportunities and improving student achievement for all students.

Please note that The cost of the coffee, not including shipping, is $8.00 per sack. Your donation to the Welches Wildcats is $2.00 per sack of coffee for a total cost, not including shipping, of $10.00 per sack. You can add your $2.00 donation by selecting the "Donation" drop-down menu below. The donation will be added to the initial $8.00 cost for you automatically. The Welches Wildcats thank you for your kind donation.

Please understand that Mt Hood Roasters does not make any claims that the voluntary donation is tax deductible. You must follow IRS guidelines with regard to charitable donations to determine if your chosen school or organization qualifies. Additionally, Mt Hood Roasters does not issue end of year donation letters on behalf of the organizations listed above. You will be asked to verify this below using the "IRS Info." drop-down item below.

Wildcat Fundraiser
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